EzPDFsign PDF signing tool 1.0.1

EzPDFsign PDF signing tool 1.0.1: EzPDFsign is a PDF digital signing & encrytion software tool. EzPDFsign is a PDF digital signing & encrytion software tool, it allows you to encrypt PDF document, sign them using a digital certificate and timestamp the signature. EzPDFsign comply with PDF standards so your document will be readable/editable with all standard PDF programs, you can use EzPDFsign to improve your PDF document authenticity and integrity. For more info please visit

X2Net WebCompiler HTML Compiler - produces .exe from HTML. Includes searching, passwording etc.
X2Net WebCompiler

A powerful HTML Compiler produces .exe files for distribution from groups of HTML pages. Built-in ultra fast searching, favorites and history management, page protection, passwords, kiosk mode,form processing etc. Built-in installer/uninstaller, powerful encrytion. Simple to use, supports scripting, plugins, cookies, Flash etc. Does NOT extract files to disk, so relatively secure. Ideal for product catalogs, ebooks and a host of other uses.

webcompiler, compiler, html, e book

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